Caviuna Trolley Bar

A self-taught professional, Jose Zanine Caldas became known as the "wood magician," because of his extraordinary ability to work with wood which he used in many of his work.

He was a model maker, landscape designer, as well as a ceramicist artist, sculptor, architect and designer.

Since the 1950's he worked as a model maker for architects including Oscar Niemeyer, Oswaldo Arthur Bratke, Rino Levi and Henrique Mindlan. The experience he acquired working with these architects led him to conduct research into laminated wood, developing a line of popular furniture of thin plates of pressed wood, which gave birth to the Moveis Z furniture company which he founded with his partner Sebastiao Pontes in Sao Jose Dos Campos in the state of Sao Paulo (1948 - 1961).
Brazil, 1950
Zanine (Jose Zanine Caldas)
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