Pair of Burr Walnut and Chrome "Cityscape" Cabinets

Paul Evans: BORN: May 20, 1931, Newtown, PA; DIED: March 7, 1987, Nantucket Island, MA

Paul R. Evans II was internationally recognized for his unique residential furniture. He trained as a silversmith, and also learned the art of the goldsmith and blacksmith.

His innovative mind eventually led him to creating extraordinary metal furniture. His unique furniture designs found homes in the collections of Prince Binder Fisal of Saudi Arabia and Mrs. Vanderbilt Webb among many others.

In 1955, Evans moved to New Hope, operating temporarily out of his garage. In 1956, he began sharing a showroom with Phillip Lloyd Powell of New Hope. By 1966, Evans needed to relocate his growing operation to Plumsteadville, at one time employing a staff of 35 people. In 1979, he opened an additional showroom on East 61st Street in New York. He created full lines of furniture as well as exclusive museum-like pieces for Directional Furniture. His work was exhibited at America House and the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1962.
USA, 1970s
Paul Evans
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