Pau Marfim Cocktail Cabinet

This cabinet is a single piece; the top is not removable. We have not seen this design before but it is undoubtedly by a good designer and, as with much Brazilian furniture of this period, there is little information available. What is in little doubt is that owing to the huge gathering interest in Brazilian furniture design, over the next 10 years there will be much research and the anonymous designers of the '50s will become household names.
Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1950s
Other Details:
Lower Part: (H) 69 cm; (W) 75 cm; (D) 40 cm. Upper Part: (H) 59 cm; (W) 65 cm; (D) 37 cm. Internal: (H) 53 cm; (W) 62 cm; (D) 28 cm. Shelf Height: 32 cm